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Trade – The Cornerstone of Commerce


Economics can be confusing. Just look at some of the bizarre financial products that started the recession of 2008 — mortgage-backed securities, asset-backed securities, collateralized mortgage obligations, collateralized debt obligations, etc. These products, which were created by slicing and dicing up mortgages so much that they became unrecognizable, were so complex that it was nearly impossible for investors to monitor risk, leading to a global recession from which we’re still trying to recover.


Does the economy really have to be this way? At TradeReviewSite.com, we say no! No more confusing, complex, and convoluted financial voodoo. It’s time to focus on the engines of our economy: small businesses.


In its most blessedly basic form, economics is all about trade. I give you something. You give me something in return. It’s a simple proposition, but one that gets to heart of commerce, which is why we want to celebrate it.


Good trade only happens through good traders. Whether it’s ancient explorers bartering with natives or a modern day New Yorker haggling over the price of a hot dog, trade is everywhere we look. In fact, you’ve probably engaged in a bit of trade yourself today.


Using real-life examples and case studies, TradeReviewSite.com will spotlight businesses that do good trade and discuss some of the ways that your business can become a better trader as well. We will also share analysis of emerging trends in small business and what new technologies, particularly those related to the Internet and mobile technology, mean for small business owners.

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